Okay so I did get tattoos but I need someone to take pictures of them for me


If anybody ur getting down n dirty with wants to keep u a secret u need to bail and then find some1 who makes ur pic their phone background because that’s what I’m talking about

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tbh #bless all y’all who like my inane shit. Y’all know I don’t play that game; I am ~*tha wurst*~ mutual

lol casual thurs evening tattoos


The July Mix is heeeeeerreeeeeeeeeeeeeee this month seemed so long.

  1. "No Angels" by Bastille
  2. "Anobrain" by The 1975, from Music for Cars
  3. "Sirens" by Cher Lloyd, from Sorry I’m Late
  4. "Lir" by Garden City Movement, from Bengali Cinema
  5. "Sansual II (Reprise)" by sinceyou, from EP I
  6. "Devour" by Little Simz, from E.D.G.E.
  7. "Easy Yoke" by Favela
  8. "FWU" by Kehlani
  9. "Killing Me" by Little Dragon, from Nabuma Rubberband
  10. "So Long" by Jenny Owen Youngs, from An Unwavering Band of Light
  11. "Magic" by Brandy
  12. "Burn the Pages" by Sia, from 1000 Forms of Fear
  13. "Mecca (SOHN Remix)" by Wild Beasts

Download and give it to your friends (if you have any).

deliverusfromevans replied to your post: “This is a mixtape called Naaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”:

and the album art is square!

Just for you, girl. Hope we figure out what’s wrong, though :(