Okay I have a few things afoot that are not major by any means but will be great and I am slightly anxious about them all and a little worried but I am persevering and preserving, y’all



Louise Bourgeois — She Lost It, (‘92)

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Remember in 1993 when Jurassic Park was like…the end all, be all of special effects?


not gonna lie that still looks intimately real

I’m still somewhat convinced that someone sold their soul to create the special effects in Jurassic Park because that shit is over 20 years old and it still really, really holds up, better than the stuff in a lot of current movies, even.

Fucking witchcraft, man. 

y’all know it’s because the dinosaurs aren’t computer-generated, right? Like, that’s a legit animatronic t-rex head with a dilating pupil. MACHINES.

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Mac salad is a long fucking con

okay, apartment therapy. Tone it down.


Thanks! I think the zip on the Goodbye, Summer one is broken?

It was! Thank you for mentioning that. It’s fixed now :)

okay wait i didn’t actually read the comment and so now i want to say it IS fixed! It’s uploading now so if you see this in the next ten minutes it probably won’t work yet. But it’s fixed!


labwhisky asked:

I'm looking to get some extra/better pillows. What do you recommend i get (I want 'em cheap)? I figure you're the best around when it comes to bedlinens.



Really enjoying this being my reputation. I think the best pillows are down alternatives and I like mine fairly squishy, but that’s because I like a lot of pillows. Buy whatever firmness you like though! It’s super preferential.

I have four standard pillows (two for each side) and a body pillow that I got from target. The standards I’ve picked up here and there from marshalls/tj maxx/homegoods which I think is the best and most cost-friendly option. There’s usually a good range and almost always some are on clearance. I think I probably spent ~$10/pillow when all was said and done.

wait, if I can add to this: there’s a lot of talk (actually I have zero idea. I mean, I talk about it a lot, so if you want that to qualify as “a lot of talk,” then feel free) about pillow firmness and your sleeping position. I sleep on my side so I absolutely use firm pillows (much to literally anyone’s chagrin but, like, get your own bed???) and it helps keep my head aligned with my spine, which really just helps me not wake up with a broke-ass neck. And so, if you sleep on your back, softer pillows are better for the same reason. Just a small thing to consider, imho.